Embrace the media. Businesses, authors, musical artists, entertainers and film producers frequently fail to realize the potential of generating media attention by utilizing public relations services.

Reach out to the media, your story deserves to be told. There are extraordinary happenings in your world that are simply waiting in the wings to be publicized. A public relations strategy should always be integrated with your current marketing mix.

Creating the "Buzz" for you within the media is our business!

Let us generate publicity for you through articles in newspapers and magazines, interviews on television, radio and online, blogs, and on internet based stations. We will take you and your company/book/film/CD or DVD out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Make Every Word Count

When developing our press releases, though our words, images, or videos we submit to the media, we are creating the "WOW" factor. These components must grab the attention of an editor or a producer of a show, or attract the attention of an assignment reporter or a blogger.

Words wield power and they must be relevant. We do our best to identify the latest trends.

Once the press release has been submitted to the media, continual follow-up is the key factor in obtaining publicity. This is where we exercise our considerable "staying power."

We will help coach our clients on interview techniques. We prepare them prior to interviews to ensure that they present their best face forward, know their subject and feel comfortable on camera or in front of a microphone.

Our P.R. services at M.E.K. starts people thinking, feeling, and reacting in a positive manner toward you and your business, book, film, song, CD or DVD. We are also very careful not to step on anyone's toes and will work in harmony with your staff.

We consider our clients as the picture, and as P.R. specialists we are the frame, behind the scenes gently supporting our clientele. This is your time to shine!